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I grew up in a large mormon family in Southeast Idaho.  I attended Ricks College with no desire or ambition for an education because, silly world, women are made to be mothers!  Truly my only desire in life was to be barefoot and pregnant.  I majored in Office Systems Management because that's an appropriate back-up education for a woman.  I'm old school and have a hard time not hitting the space bar twice after every sentence (blast those OSM teachers!).  I married and waited for the babies: they never came.  Bewildered, I quit my job working on campus at BYUI to return to school and get a degree in Accounting.  Four years later we were blessed with the birth of our miraculous IVF baby, a redheaded girl.  After 15 years of marriage we've lived in all 4 time zones and moved 18 times.  I felt most at home as an East Coast mormon.  My husband now works on campus at BYUI (back in Rexburg of all places) and I mourn the fact he has to shave every single day. 

I've been a teacher in Gospel Doctrine, Primary, Young Women's, and Relief Society.  I've served as Primary President, Relief Society President, and YW Secretary.  I've served in every position possible in the Primary - my favorite calling being chorister. 

The Lord has directed our paths and given us a plan we never would have chosen ourselves.  It's been a blessing in my life to have learned from different cultures and people in every place I've lived.  He truly has helped me to rely upon Him and develop my own sense of personal revelation.  I know that God lives and that He loves me.  I believe in the Restoration of the Gospel and pray every day to know and do His will (and be anxiously engaged in a good cause).  In September 2013 I felt prompted to start this blog and share my story.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. You said yesterday over on T&S, "I recently had a family member why I would read “Letters to a Young Mormon,” because what could I hope to learn from someone who wasn’t a GA?"

    That sort of thing reduces me to utter, sputtering incoherence. Hang in there!

    Fraternally (in a gender-neutral way),