Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dear Bishop

Man I am on a roll this week with my second guest post:

I was invited to guest post at the Bloggernacle Bohemoth, By Common Consent. Which is basically like Regina George asking me to be a Plastic for the day. Hoping they let me wear pink on Wednesday! Based on how this goes, they may let me sit with them again


  1. Steve Evans doesn't like me much, so my comment there may never show up. But I want you to see it, so I'll post it here:

    Kristine, I’m briefly breaking my moratorium for you. Kudos! Well done! I can promise you that you will need patience in this process, but you aren’t alone in it. I’ve been through it many times with many leaders, so if you need advice or to vent at any time, drop me an email.

    Don’t let those on either side who are more interested in fostering contention or who understand little of God’s ways deter you. This is where the work of the Lord can be done, and by doing it you are learning to wield the power of God. Stay strong and prayerful. And thank you.

  2. I enjoyed reading this post. About the darn pinewood derby, my daughter has been up in arms since age 5 when she found out that girls don't get to participate. So each year since then I have bought her a model to put together and paint along side her older brother. We take it to the derby and they let her race it one time. It is not the same but helps a bit.