My Stance on Female Ordination

I'd like to say I will always be evolving on this topic. I'll refer back to my very first post, A MoFem of a Different Stripe Against Priesthood Protests and includes edits that I'd add after considering the topic over the past year:

Do I believe there are some positions in the church that don't require the priesthood that can be done by women and have been done by women in the past (Sunday School Presidency, anyone?)? Yes!

Do I believe there should be more female representation in decision making boards and councils of the Church that are over mixed-gender organizations (Welfare, Church Board of Education, etc.)? Yes! The Church has already started making this change with the new organization of "Mission Leadership Councils" that have sisters equally represented.

Do I believe women should be ordained to the priesthood? Eh.... Now? No. In the future? Perhaps. After studying all the divine powers Heavenly Mother has and uses, all the words I hear in the temple and women I see administer, I believe it's a possibility that women are ordained and use the priesthood in the hereafter. Knowing what I know of my fellow saints and Church leaders - if this is to be a change of new revelation (Article of Faith 9, "we believe that he will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the kingdom of God.") do I believe that now is when it will happen? No.

I'm not sure if female ordination will come in my life or the next, or what form it will take (a new female order?? who knows?) but I do believe that in the next life women act with the power and authority of God. I know we don't have all the keys of the priesthood. I know we don't know what we don't know. So I won't rule anything out. Now, in regards to Ordain Women, do I think they should shut up and go away? No. Even if I don't think female ordination will happen in my life (maybe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ?) I think they have space in this big tent of mormonism to be here. I think they've done good and started a conversation that needed to happen. Before you get upset at that statement, would it surprise you to know that I agree with Sis. Camille Fronk Olson, of BYU?

This summer Neylan McBaine released her book, Women at Church, and they had a panel discussion in August for it's release and Camille Fronk Olson, a professor of ancient scripture in the religion faculty at BYU had this to say in regards to Ordain Women (starting at 11:00-11:35 in the following youtube video)

"I heard way too many LDS women say, "Oh Those women who want the priesthood, what are they thinking!! " And not hearing where the pain is and where they have felt marginalized. And this book will help those who haven't had those quetions or felt that pain - to hear and understand and sympathyze, even though they may not empathize completely with what they have felt. I celebrate Neylan's courage and boldness; thank you so much. It's the beginning of great conversations and I truly believe changes will occur for the betterment of men and women and children in the LDS faith."

and at 35:30-36:30 of the video someone in attendance aked if this book would have been possible without Ordain Women and Kate Kelly. Here is what CFO said:

"What Kate Kelly...what Ordain Women...the questions that they have asked...the courage that they have exhibited...the discomfort they have created....have all contributed to greater discussion that has been for many people... brought to the forefront that there is something that has not been addressed among many women....that I think does make a difference that this coming out exactly when it does, will help much more interest because people now realize that there are some women who are hurting - and men who are hurting as well."

I agree. I think OW have asked tough questions that needed to be asked, that they have exhibited courage, and created discomfort that NEEDED to be created -- that has made a conversation possible. I love my fellow sisters and brothers in the Church who have joined Ordain Women, but I think I have not had the same answer for myself to participate in mormon feminism in that way and I have been prompted to follow my own path while allowing others to have their own. I advocate for policy and procedure changes (baby steps, ie Activity Days, etc.) that help to expand our understanding of women's purpose in God's plan.

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