Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Big Debut

What I'm referring to is my first guest post in the true blue, honest to goodness, land of the Bloggernacle.  Seen here at Wheat & Tares:

This is almost as exciting as when Kristine Haglund, current editor of Dialog: A Journal of Mormon Thought, commented on my blog.  Also almost as exciting as when Neylan McBaine followed me on Twitter, although she has since unfollowed me, followed me, and unfollowed me.  Let's just say Neylan and I have a complicated relationship.   :)

Phew.  Anyways, It's been an interesting, thoughtful few weeks for a number of reasons.  I haven't blogged much, but recent changes in my life have made room for me to fit in a new post.  Hopefully more will follow. 

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  1. That is exciting! I read your post over there, thanks!