Friday, April 11, 2014

Uhh . . . Come, Follow Me?

So after this weekend of conference I've been thinking about this whole blogging thing - and knowing that I have felt prompted to share and seeing the fruits of it in my life when I have helped people.  (That's one of the things that has helped Darik, is being here in my life he hears about all the stories and comments and emails and heart-to-hearts I end up having with people and he *sees* that I'm helping.  Kinda helps the whole feminist marriage dynamic.)

Basically after I blog I just share it on my facebook feed, and I think that sometimes this Mormon feminist stuff could be overwhelming for those who aren't interested or for those who are kind of hostile; in an attempt to separate my personal / family / friend life from this public feminism, I started a facebook page associated with this blog to follow.

I've always been really hesitant to promote or try to advance this blog at all - because I don't want it to become about me, or for me to think I have really awesome things to say and need to be invited to give TED talks like a thought leader or anything (that was a joke).  I'm just a woman doing her best to be passionately faithful and obedient and to ask appropriate questions, mostly about culture and hopes for further revelation.  I feel prompted to share and I don't know what the results will be, I hope wherever the message lands that it does some good, somewhere out there.  That is part of my struggle, I haven't defined my audience (fellow feminists?  people struggling?  family or friends seeking to understand?) and I'm not sure how I should proceed and move forward, but this is my next idea.

If anyone is interested, here is the link:

Confessions of a Moderate Mormon Feminist on Facebook

I also plan on posting links to the things I was sharing on my facebook feed like body image, modesty, and gender struggles in other cultures (p.s. watch The Menstrual Man!), etc.  

So really, I'm not asking you to, but if you really want to - you can like my page and follow me.

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