Friday, June 6, 2014

A Reset Button

Do you guys remember back in 2009 when Hilary attempted to "Reset" relations with Russia by presenting this button (which was hilariously labeled with the word "overcharge" in Latin in error)?

In the same Spirit (without mistranslation) this is what I wish could happen, for feminists, non-feminists, anti-feminists (I'm looking at you M* and MWS), local leaders, general leaders, and every type of pundit and blogger and PA rep in between to say this all at the same time:

"I am sorry, I have made mistakes.  I forgive my brothers and sisters for their mistakes and hope for forgiveness for my own.  We are all trying to do our best to live the Gospel the best way we know how and we won't get it all right.  In that Spirit can we all just take a step back - not be threatened by each other and each others' ideas, but to just seek to understand and love each other?  We are all doing our best to improve Zion, we are going to rub each others' shoulders the wrong way in the process.  But let's not forget our ultimate goal, to love each other.  Uplift each other.  Bring us each closer to Christ.  Not through pushing or tearing each other down.  I'd say empathy is a pretty good place to start."

Pipe dream?  Yeah I thought so, too.

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