Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Response to the Standard Journal Article

Welcome if you are here from the Standard Journal newspaper article (I could have never guessed that wearing pants would be worthy of first page news, but I digress).

The editor of the newspaper asked if I would be willing to come in for an interview.  I felt more comfortable just sharing the opinions I stated earlier on my blog, but I talked to my husband and we agreed if the message was just about the things I shared on my blog we didn't see any harm.  It turns out what I thought would be a short feature on an inside of the newspaper turned into a front-page article, using a picture from this blog without permission.  I'm aware that I don't have a copyright statement on my blog - but that is not necessary as Blogger's Terms of Service clearly state I retain all ownership and rights to content and only Google is granted a license to use the content I share.  The point being is that by using the picture on my blog without permission (taking a picture my husband snapped for me that I asked him to as we were packing up to leave church -- so that I could keep one in my memory book) it makes the impression that the picture was taken at my church so I could be in the newspaper.  That is entirely not the case and was never my intent.  

I also wanted to state I believe there is a mis-statement in the article published about me.  I expressed that I felt I was the only feminist in Rexburg and it felt lonely sometimes.  The reporter assured me that he thought there were others out there that felt the same way and would I like to know them?  I said, sure I would love to know that I'm not the only one!

The middle and conclusion of the article states:

She feels there are other people in this region who share her feelings and hopes they will reach out to her in an effort to bring the issues to the forefront — and to be able to discuss it openly.

"Anderson said one of the reasons she wants to share her story is that she hopes to connect to other people in this area who share her views.
“I hope to connect with people locally,” said Anderson.
She is hoping anyone who might want to talk to her will visit her blog site where they can then send her an email. Her site is"

I do not agree with that.  I do not want to start a movement or  get people to connect or bring issues to the forefront and start something.  It is nice to know I'm not the only one in Rexburg, so go ahead and comment and say hi.  But leave it at that.  I'm not trying to get blog followers - I post about once a month.  This is a very personal thing where I decided to share opinions to be a part of the conversation, not to be an activist. 

 In an email to the editor, I said "Would you mind ending with this quote instead of saying my goal is to make connections, but instead to share this message?

"There may be others out there with opinions like mine.  I would say to them it is possible to follow the prophet, be a faithful Mormon, and a feminist!  Others may reject you or decide not to associate with you, but you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and you belong here!  You are welcome.  Do not let negative interactions with others be a stumbling block and keep you from full fellowship.  Don't hold feelings of anger or bitterness, but be full of love and faith in the future.  You are not alone!"

The editor left the message about making connections.  I wanted to apologize to any local neighbors and church members who may feel that this was an issue where manipulation was used to get attention and publicity.  Truly and sincerely that is not the case.  I am not apologizing for wearing pants - that was a matter of prayer for me and I have no regret attached to that decision. 

Kristine Anderson

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